Weekly Tournaments

Unfortunatly, we are barred from in person chess due to some flu bug going around. So instead we decided to do a virtual tournaments on the lichess platform. To enter you will first need to create an acount on lichess.org. Then you can join the UAH Chess Club team here by hiting hitting the request to join team button and typing in your uah email in the description. After you're on the team, you have the ability to join the tournaments. The tournaments happen at 4:00pm every Friday with a verity of game options and time constraints. Also, join the Discord for important updates.


January 22th - Rapid
January 29th - Blitz
February 5th - Crazyhouse
February 12th - Blitz
February 19th - Rapid
February 26th Blitz
March 5th - Threecheck
March 12th - Blitz
March 19th - Racing Kings
March 26th - Rapid
April 2nd - Blitz